Best usages for ultimate implant bundle

Hey all I’m new ,

I am looking at getting the ultimate implant bundle , it includes a Next, spark 2 and xm1

I was wondering what would be best uses and place for each in the following scenario
I want to clone my train/ bus card (mifare classic) I’m thinking of using the xm1 for this
I want to unlock my own RFID locks etc in my office (using RFID side of next)
I want to have my business card /details show up on people’s phones if they scan it (I’m assuming I have to use vivokey in spark2 )
I also want to link a garage door reader to RFID side of next .
And I’m thinking I should use nfc side of next to store information maybe or use for house locks etc

Does this sound like it will work? Should I have the xm1 beside the spark 2 or the next?

Thank you ,


This post has a lot of answers to your questions especially the “WHERE SHOULD I PUT IT” section (covers some placements for the ultimate bundle).

Yep, I assume you use it alot so the usual spot (In the webbing between thumb and forefinger)

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, both sides of the NExT are RFID sides, One is a low frequency chip that operates at 125Khz , one is a high frequency that operates at 13.56MHz (You may know this a NFC) and both can be used for locks if you get a compatible locks.

100% not an expert on this chip, but I think it is mainly for login to the VivoKey ecosystem, plenty of info on this forum if you search around. The NFC side of the NExT might be better for this.

All 3 of those use the 13.56MHz band so you might get collisions if they are next to each other, I would not want them too close.

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Thank you! So if I were to use my next for business card how would I do that? Do I have to write a certain code or something I don’t know how it works

Just download an App , Scan your implant, choose write, and then the Type of data you want to write, fill out the fields and select write.
My explanation is more complicated that the actual process.
Download the app and have a play, you will see how easy it is

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Thank you! I’ve been trying to find a good app

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