Best way to get xEM into HID mode?

If you recall this post, I feel like “best” was the target here. But yeah for most people the easy is best value for money, good to provide that context.

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yeah agreed, and “Best” is very subjective.

The thread title:-
Best way to get xEM into HID mode?

This thread is quite old, Pre RDV4 and not sure about the Easy.
My comments were to More to update the thread for anybody trawling or searching at a later date. The RDV4 is not always the “best” option.

“get xEM into HID mode”
if that is all you wanted to do, a “one and done”, I would probably say a Blue Cloner. (bought or borrowed) would be “best” for cheapest, easiest, fastest.
Litterally a 5 sec job.
But the “Best” tool, I would say, either of the Proxmarks.
For @HDoS,

I would reccomend
The Easy (with “homemade” LF antenna)
RDV4 with DT LF Antenna.
However The LF antennas only if they are planning on using their LF xSeries as a part of their Cybersecurity research.

I actually thought @HDoS had already ordered the RDV4 :man_shrugging:

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Thanks for your help guys :slight_smile:

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