BioDevices for body metrics?

I just got done reading an article in New Scientist magazine, re: “Smart skin patch listens to your body sounds from heart to gut”. I thought, cool, but why not injectable with an NFC interface?

There’s got to be other cool stuff to monitor (e.g., blood sugar level, and pressure),. but sound’s got to be the easiest device to make.

Are there available any body metric’s monitoring devices, or is anyone considering them???

I know that the rfid chips for dogs also send out temperature… That’s a start!

thx, tom

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Hi Tom,

Putting sensors on the skin is relatively easy, but putting something inside your body is a materials challenge. Typically the materials get in the way when it comes to sensing. … still, it’s an interesting idea.

We’re not exploring biomed devices at this time, however we’re keeping our minds open for the day we may start. Just an FYI, our xBT chip support FDX-B and sends thermal data (between certain ranges).

Amal :wink: