Biohackers near me?

Also, just simply talking to someone who is familiar with this kinda stuff will be helpful.
Things like “If you feel this don’t panic and hit reverse” scenarios, sometimes more damage can be done trying to “undo” an action.

I’ll give you an example;
When I pressed the plunger and inserted the chip I began to pull out and I could see the bevel, yeah yeah bevel up I know shut up :laughing:, and could see white inside the needle.

I thought to myself “Oh shit, the chip didn’t insert. I’m going to have to either give up or go back in” I couldn’t redo later because it was no longer sterile so I thought my only option was to go back in.

Now this all happened in my head in the span of about 5 or 6 seconds.

Then it dawned on me… the bloody plastic of the plunger is white…

Thankfully I had just paused and let myself relax before doing anything. Just pulled the needle out and put a plaster on it. Was writing to the HF side of the NExT within 5mins.