Biohacking / Body Modding / Whatever Study (EN/DE)

This is a study by a german student who needs data for her masters degree.
You could help out by filling in this questionaire.
This is available as german or english.

This was sent to my installer, nakedsteel, who forwarded it to me (it was german but translated for this):

I, Fiona ****** (26, student at the Helmut Schmidt University in Hamburg), have a request and urgently ask for your help!

I’m writing my master’s thesis on the different motivations for (extreme) body modifications with a small digression on biohacking and found you during my search for studios. I also have a few body modifications myself and accordingly also chose this topic out of personal interest.

Now I am looking for people from different countries who would be willing to participate in an online questionnaire (English and German).

Unfortunately, the search is very difficult - I can’t get enough people motivated at the moment and time is very tight.

The questionnaire takes about +/- 20 minutes (depending on how many body modifications you have).

It is important that the questionnaire is answered by the end so that I can use the (anonymous!) data. The data will not be passed on to third parties and can in no way be traced back to the participants!

If you are willing to help me with this, or if you know people who would like to do this, it would be a great help!

Here is the link:

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