Biohacking seminar ideas

I’m planning to host a biohacking seminar in my college org on Wednesday because I’m one of two people in the whole org with implants and talking about it so often has gotten some interested in more info. I’m planning on talking about some of the cool stuff you can do with implants, the kinds of implants you can get, why they are awesome, some examples of the stuff I shoved in my hands, etc…

What Im wondering is if anyone has any good ideas of stuff to talk about, examples to use, etcetera…


Tesla Key
Didn’t somebody do a Disney Pass?
Home / Garage access projects, there have been a few.
Magic toolbox was fun.
Several car / motorcycle projects.
Pilgrimaster did a payment conversion. (might need to talk that one down a bit)


In addition to what has already been said, I’d definitely talk about Javacard implants and their capabilities (FIDO2/TOTP/HMAC/PGP/Crypto Wallet). Might be nice to touch on contactless payment and the current roadblocks with EMV.

Oh yeah, and the durability, longevity, safety, as well as basics of the installation process. DTs tests they perform on their tags would be great examples.


Do you have an xEM Accesss Controller?

If you could have one up and running, especially if you could pair it with a wearable ring, would let people get a real world sense of just how freaking cool the “wave your hand and it opens” thing is.


Oh, damn, I think i have an access controller from my next long ago but I don’t have it with me.
I have an apex now so i will most certainly be talking about javacard stuff, I use the tesla key and fido2 actively so those will be easy
pulling up all the tests to show off durability is a great idea, Ill make sure to do so!

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There’s my gun safe 1 and 2
Log into windows with under desk mounted reader
Transfer cell phone contact deets via popl
Hotel keycard cloning
Work badge cloning

Make sure to poke through the “show off USING your implant” thread for good media of in use

I did something similar at circlecitycon, depending on time I could ship you my demo Xac kit…

edit I think I’m late to this party

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Well, Wednesday has passed and it went well. I had a decent number of people and got a handful of people interested and at least a couple of people considering getting one. Some others I also got interested a while ago but being broke college students some are waiting to get internship money before pulling the trigger.

Overall, great success!


Nice! Anything you can post about it?

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I can post slides but no guarantees of quality given I made them the night before at 5am: Biohacking - Google Slides

It was a relatively short seminar at a half hour but it went pretty well. There are also some other topics that were discussed without a point in the slides or in response to questions and more discussions that people came and asked about later.