Biohacking Village

What would you like to see in a biohacking village? Activities, talks, installs? Stickers? Is there a biohacking logo? A community logo?

What is your ideal village?


Is all of the above and option?

Installs would be absolutely awesome

As far as activities go, maybe some demo locks or something so people who have only used them with their phones so far could get more ideas for practical uses in the real world, just some stuff to show off what they can actually do right now

Talks are great too, especially for those who might not have an implant yet looking for more information, or those who just got them with questions in their minds

Who doesn’t like stickers?

I don’t know what logos people would like to see, but the big names in biohacking would be nice to see represented, Dangerous Things, Vivokey, KSEC, etc, so that people know what’s out there

And I’m sure there’s plenty of stuff involved in biohacking that is outside of the chip implant realm, but I wouldn’t know much about that stuff

Anyways, my ideal village would probably incorporate bit of all of that.
Maybe something in here was helpful or what you were looking for, I dunno, but it’s what I think would be nice to see

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