BioMagnet and Airport metal detector scanner

I have a m31 plant and this weekend I will take a flight to London.
could I have some problem with airport security?

PS: sorry for my bad english.

There should be no problem at all. A scanner won’t pick it up at all, but a metal detector might. These are not the same, so if your airport still has the old metal detectors, you may be stopped and scanned with a handheld wand.

If you beep going through a metal detector and they stop you, they will ask if you have any medical implants… just say yes, in your hand, and they will try to wand you to find out if you have any concealed weapons. They may wand your hand to check it out but as long as they don’t see a gun in your hand, they will let you through.


On this topic, would you see any issue with the xNT going through a security scanner. Will it cause any damage. Also MRI scan, is there any scan wave xray situation to be aware of. With either damage to myself or the chip?

I’ve never had any issues travelling with my xNT, security never even know and I don’t feel a thing.
Metal content is too low for any issues with MRIs if I recall correctly, apart from maybe blurring the direct area.

It won’t set it off. WAY to little metal in the tag. I’ve gotten wanded dozens of times and it doesn’t even set off the handhelds.

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We had at the visitor terrace also a security check point and we check with the handheld scanner my implants ( Chips and the magnet) nothing happened. I went also to three different scanner types - nothing, and i have 5 RFIDs and one magnet.