Biomagnet choices

Given that the Dangerous Things M31 and M36 magnets are currently unavailable with no ETA, what is the next best option? I’m looking for a sensing magnet, so 3x1mm sounds like the best choice.
I have read about the “perils of parylene,” and I found one guy who was coating magnets with dental resin, but at a cost of increased thickness and decreased field strength. Are there any new advances in coatings? Is anyone else producing magnets with TiN coatings?
Any other suggestions?

Bonus question: I saw an article about gluing an N52 magnet to a fingernail with a thick gel coat as an intermediate step before implantation. Is it worth it? Does it give a similar sensation. To a fully implanted magnet?

We are constantly working on new coating techniques and trust me when I say we’re just as eager to get our new M31 and M36 magnets out as anyone… we just can’t have another failure, so we’re taking our sweet time and putting our samples through extensive testing. That means when a sample has been in test for 3 months and fails, we have to go back to the drawing board after waiting around for 3 months… the whole process has become excruciatingly slow.

I think a magnet glued to a fingernail could possibly give you an idea of how a biomagnet could work. The fingernail bed is extremely sensitive, but the magnet can’t vibrate the same way it can inside the body, so you will likely feel push-pull type sensations when interacting with metals or other magnets, but higher frequency field fluctuations are likely to be dampened by the rigid fingernail the magnet is glued to.