Biomagnet injectable xG3 (BETA)


I would like to know if there is a possibility to reserve me Biomagnet injectable xG3 (BETA) because my card is empty unfortunately and I will not be able to recharge it until May 25th.
I do not want to miss the chance to be one of the first to have, because I’ve been looking for a long time and this one is unique !
I work in telephony, we have magnetic tools and it would be the perfect opportunity to test it!
Or if there is a way to pay on delivery?


Hi Rebetez,

Sorry to say they are going fast and we are already working on a second beta batch. We do offer PayPal Credit as a form of payment, so if you do have PayPal you might be able to apply for PP Credit to purchase it.


Well …
In fact it’s good, I was able to get enough money and ordered it today.
It should arrive within two days.




At bottom!
I will be magnetically increased and one of the first in the world to benefit!