Biomagnet Interaction

I’m very interested in getting a small sensing magnet installed in my left hand, most likely pinky finger, but am worried about it’s interaction with other magnets. I work with large (up to 15" diameter) and powerful ferrite and smaller neodymium magnets daily and am wondering if that would be reason to not get the implant. My main concern would be migration due to consistent pull as well as flipping due to powerful opposite polarity pushes.

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Anyone? Anyone? Bueler?

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I think it would become very annoying if you are handling other magnets all the time. The biomagnet is pretty small so not sure how bad it would be, but having to handle large magnets would probably be borderline painful. I wouldn’t want to handle magnets until the magnet had time to heal and encapsulate.

But I have no experience with them, just my two cents.

Yeah, that was kind of my line of thinking to. Though sensing magnetic fields would be a decent trade-off.

I also think would be annoying, like implanting your dog’s nose :nose: overnight…you’d smell everyone’s farts from distance, annoying if not used with it :grin:

I got a magnet between my thumb and hand, and work occasionally with magnets, and if I accidentally grab a magnet wrong, I’m in for some serious heat and pain as my magnet starts spinning and pulling.

Bummer. I figured as much, but was hoping I could get away with it.

I have a magnet (a cylindrical) in my left ringfinger. I work at the delicatess department of a supermarket. I have no problems with the magnet.
Its nice to feel the magnetic field from the microwave at work.
When I go geochaching - it happens only one time that I grap the little box with my left hand - the most tiny boxes are attached with a neodymmagnet. I use always ma right hand now :slight_smile:

I would definitely not get a sensing magnet if you’re around large magnets all day. I work with guitars and sometimes getting my magnet stuck to a pickup is enough to cause a painful pinch.