Biomagnet Interactions

I’m very interested in getting a small sensing magnet installed in my left hand, most likely pinky finger, but am worried about it’s interaction with other magnets. I work with large (up to 15" diameter) and powerful ferrite and smaller neodymium magnets daily and am wondering if that would be reason to not get the implant. My main concern would be migration due to consistent pull as well as flipping due to powerful opposite polarity pushes.

Yeah do not get a magnet in your finger. Working with magnets you should know that the danger is not from the constant pull, though that could be an issue over the long run… the danger is getting too close to a large magnet and you end up slamming your finger against it… the magnet in your finger would exert such force that it would likely destroy the tissue between both magnets.

Good point. Rfid chips should be fine though, right? The field shouldn’t damage anything?

Correct. You may feel some pull since the chips do contain a ferrite tuning rod inside the antenna assembly, which magnets can pull on… but nothing like having an actual magnet in your finger.

Sounds good. Looks like just the chip til I find a new field to work in (pun intended). Thanks!