Biomagnets + RFID/NFC?

Dear Readers,

does any of you have experiences with biomagnetic implants and x-series Transponders ?
Do they interfere in any kind of way ?

What about the Flex transponders, when they are implanted in the middlefinger and the biomagnet in the ringfinger, both inserted in the usual places ?

Is there any kind of disruption of the signals?

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There should be no interference as long as you do not implant them in the same place. I am not sure what you have in mind but you tend to find biomagnets in fingertips, behind the hear, or other sensitive areas. while the flex can go anywhere the sites its recommended to be implanted at, are different then the places the magnets would be, accept say the fingertips.

Do you know where you plan to put your bio magnets and the flex tag?

I am very aware of where to put both of the implants.

Ich just waiting desperately with 3 of my friends and an Dangerousthings piercer partner, until the xm1+ and the magnets are on stock again.