Biometrics are doomed

have a look at this shit. live deepfake that’s damn near perfect.

very soon, vivokey and cryptographic proofs are going to be required to confirm you are talking to the real person.


The deep fake definitely gives me a little uncanny valley feeling but damn it’s so so close to perfect.

AI fighting AI

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so, what? this just a commercial for their product?
Why is that on this show? what are they even voting for?

This show, and all got talents, are such shite.


This is an adult forum, and it’s perfectly on topic I think

But the era when deep fake porn is possible / common, is going to be interesting

All kinds of social questions


This is already a thing. It’s a real issue. That is why deep fake detection is a field a study, we need to know if video is really a famous person in a porno, or if the president is really saying what we think they are. If we take video as proof of identity we will get caught up in so many issues.

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I’m not sure if its YouTube compression but you can kinda see some artifacting, especially around the mouth. I do agree however. Cryptographic is going to become required to make sure you are talking to who you think you’re talking to.

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I love to see videos like this and demonstrations of online impersonation, phishing etc.

People are only just starting to wake up to the sea change rushing towards them in terms of online identity, security etc so the more examples of what can be done (even under the guise of entertainment) has to be good.

Vivokey signing/attestation through standard methods such as PGP, U2F etc is a super obvious use case and is going to be awesome but until ‘the common folk’ learn how to use non-implant hardware for the same reasons (Yubikeys etc) I think it will be relatively unknown why someone would actually want this.

So I implore everyone who can, to enlighten your peers when you have the chance! Even if all you do is show someone how to set up Windows Hello or get them a Yubikey for their gmail, that’s a win.

All of that said, I think we’re finally seeing a big shift from the large networks like Google, Facebook etc and common operating systems/browsers towards hardware 2FA over SMS/push so we might be just a touch early and ready for the not too distant future.

Cyber force, engage!