Blade number to use for fingertip magnet implant

I want to implant a magnet into my ring finger on my left hand and I want to make sure that I do everything correctly. So I was wondering what scalpel blade type would work best for the incision and pocket creation. I was thinking a 10 blade but it looks a little too large. Should I use a 15 blade? Also I wanted to make sure that I am getting the correct magnet, and so far I have decided on this:

I am a little worried that it might be too bulky (as its silicone coated), but I could not find any other magnets. Any suggestions?

That magnet looks fine. You’re going to have a difficult time sourcing a small magnet with any other coating. The silicone is bulky, but the magnet itself is tiny so the total size shouldn’t be a problem unless you have very small fingertips.

For installation, my first recommendation is to consult with a professional. Fingertip installs are by far the hardest to do on yourself. It fuckin sucks. Have someone do it for you.

I’ve read about scalpel installs, but I’ve only ever seen needle installs. I’m not sure what gauge to use, but that’s not super standardized anyway. Use one with an outer diameter slightly larger than the magnet (with coating). If you’re careful about it, a needle install will lift the skin away from the muscle in the same way an injector does. That way you don’t need a scalpel AND a dermal elevator to get the job done.

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Why do they suck? If its because of pain management, I plan to use lidocaine injections which should get rid of most of the pain.