Blooswitch auto trigger code

Hi guys. I have a blooswitch that I can remotely turn on with the app. What I would really like to do is trigger the 4 outputs on my switch using another app on my phone. Ideally I would like to make my own app so I can turn on the outputs conditionally instead of just from the app push buttons. Is this possible? is the app open source code? Can I get a copy?
Thanks in advance

Hi SteveD,

Yes the blooswitch app is open source. Check out

I’ll be the first to say we need a ton of help with app dev. We tried to use a framework to make it easy to make an iOS and Android app with minimal duplication of effort, but the end result is a crappy app for both platforms. Anything we can do to help you make a decent app for Blooswitch, just let us know. I had always envisioned widgets for Android that worked like instant access buttons to toggle outputs on/off, or pulse them (depending on setting).