Blooswitch documentation

Where can i find tech specs and protocol documentation for the blooswitch? I found the github repo but i didn’t find anything useful.

Check out switcheroo to. What exactly are you looking for?

What devil said :arrow_heading_up: , plus did you also look at :arrow_heading_down:

yeah had to change the name of the switcheroo over to blooswitch because of a trademark issue… same board… but a lot of the OG content is still under switcheroo

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Yeah I feel your pain there we named one of our product’s all the documentation, marketing material and manufacturing information had been completed and then someone else (fuck you LG) trademarked the name in the same category as us so we had to change it all.

Litteraly 50hrs of work, this time they trademarked it first then changed it.

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Hmmm none of my blooswitch seem to power up off of battery power

New 9volt. Confirmed continuity between input leg and 9vt. Confirmed continuity between 3v leg and 3v pad on blooswitch output confirmed 3.2v

Have you tried a 2032 on the 3Volt caddy?
You setup looks and sounds correct though…

How are you testing if it’s powering up? All you should notice is bluetooth low energy advertising packets start transmitting… you could use a phone…

Testing. Confirming that it has power
No leds light up
No blooswitch in my app

Ahhhh I see I thought all the connection was handled within the app.

So I can see it. I can pair to it.
However the app fails to show it still

I’ll try another phone

Well the app should be handling it for sure… not sure why it’s not…

Interesting. Got another android loaded up. Paired via Bluetooth settings. No digs

No switch appearing in app

Boo. Ok well… I’ll have to check it out tomorrow… I’ll update the thread once I learn what’s up… but my hunch isnths there Android version is to blame and the Bluetooth stack has changed significantly.

If you have android coding experience the app is all open source and on GitHub

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Are you seeing this also?

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Yesssir every time

very likely the BLE stack has changed… i can take a cursory look at it but i’m not an android dev and the guy that made this is no longer in touch… it might be a situation where you need to rally a dev to look at it. we would contribute a few blooswitch modules to that dev if you find one!

Pro tip: if you short out the 3.2 and Vin legs of the step down the ghosts will escape out of the chip on the top side. Cool trick…only works once… can’t put the ghosts back in. :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Well… how about this… of you find a developer who wants to take a stab at updating the code, we’ll contribute two blooswitches to them and one to you as a replacement.

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Hey so, I think the issue might be that the app was built with Cordova, which essentially abstracts system calls into web apps for different platforms. However, the build on the play store hasn’t been updated since 2016, and so the backend that cordova is trying to use is incredibly out of date. I’m working on building an APK from source with the updated cordova BLE module, I’ll post it if I can get one compiled.