Breaking the FlexNT or FlexDF

What is the likelihood of breaking a flex chip inside myself? I’ve kinda been poking and squeezing at it but I’m just wondering how easy it would be to like pinch it and break a contact or break the biopolymer coating and expose its guts to my insides and get it rejected. Also, would it be easier to break the flexNT or the flexDF (slightly older larger version if that makes a difference.). Thanks!

The biopolymer is not likely to break from poking or squeezing. The chips in both the flexNT and flexDF are attached to the substrates in such a way that an accurate blow could dislodge them and disconnect the chip from the antenna… but so far that has not seemed to happen. The older wider beta flexDFs do have some sensitivity to physical abuse, but every implant device we make has a lifetime warranty so if you break it, you can send it back for a replacement.