Broken xEM during profesional installation


Purchased the xEM back on August 12 and finally made it to the professional installer in my area, Ancient Adornments in West Hollywood, yesterday. During the insertion there was a crack when the installer pushed down on the plunger and he correctly realized that was not normal. He pulled the needle out and the chip itself had cracked during insertion. He was not able to give me the needle as it had biological on it, but I have the broken chip and have attached the picture below.

I’m just requesting a replacement as I did everything I should, went to a professional for installation and there was a problem with the injector or chip.

Hi rapoldek!

I’m sorry this occurred! This is really rare. I will get you a replacement out today. Please private message me with your order number.

My best,


Hi MDanger,

I assumed it was quite rare based on my installers reaction when it happened!! :slight_smile:

Here’s my Order #10964


Just wondering if a replacement was shipped. Also not entirely sure where the private message function is, so I hadn’t sent you a PM.

Hi Rapoldek,

I have no idea why your replacement xEM unit shows as shipped, yet I don’t have a tracking number for it. Sometimes this occurs at our California warehouse. Please accept our apologies. I will send you out one first thing in the morning AND I will provide you a tracking number :confused:

Thank you for your patience,


Thank you