Bunch of RFID cards on the bottom of a table at a restaurant?

I’m at this restaurant and I put my phone down on the table and as soon as I do it tasker detects an NFC card and asks what I want to do with it. I look under the table and find this?

Anyone know why there’s an entire array of NFC cards on a table at a popular restaurant?


Weird. Do they have a link or something on them? Could be one of those things where you pay through the website.

Nope and no verbage around that would allude to that either

Maybe it’s to track tables? They gave us a buzzer for when the food is ready, we had to go grab it, but maybe it’s so if they have the staffing the can bring it to the table it’s set on

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I was just about to suggest the same thing. Perhaps something to track which table some tray or one of those games/payment terminal things is at.

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Was it a McDonald’s?

Negative, I’m only here for today so I don’t mind the mild dox, but it was Guy Fieri’s Chicken Guy restaurant in Tennessee

I actually noticed the same thing at another chicken guy location a couple of years ago. I just assumed it was an advertising thing because it tried to open the chicken guy website when I set my phone down.

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I don’t like that, at all. It feels quite intrusive.

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Thats exactly what I expected it to do.

People put phones on tables…Makes sense.

If you open TagInfo and scan, i would guess it would have a Chicken Guy link

I’ve done something similar on a work bench,
Full sized Cards under thr bench with links to a few different websites I frequent, but not to that extent… only 8
3 of which were DT ones
This forum
Old Vivokey Forum

I had specific spots and grouped them together and knew wher to place my phone.

It was handy also when using DEX

I found this at panera bread as well. It’s so the little order puck you bring to your table and set down on it can read them and know what table it’s sitting on… that’s all.

I found that the user memory was wide open on them so I wrote a bunch of links to them hahaha … now people like you will put their phones down and get dangerous things popping up on their phones :slight_smile: MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA


I did, no such link found

i actually tested this by putting my puck on another table for a moment, then took it off and kept it on my lap at my table and the server showed up to the table opposite us and looked around a bit before I flagged her over.


Very interesting, thanks for the info!

Make all of them roll the rick!


I first encountered this at a Panera Bread back in 2015. I rapidly set to work encoding a vcard with my socials on each and every tag in the table and locking them.


I dislike people too much to do this.


Think about how annoying it would be every time you set your phone down unlocked it rick rolled you, use your hate as fuel young Padawan, let it drive you to mildly annoy everyone around you


Oh that I can get behind. But not giving them my socials or contact information