Bundles with xM1 - Availability

Good morning,

I have a question for the folks at Dangerous Things, I was hoping to get the Lifestyle Bundle to cover all the bases for technologies, but I’m noticing it that pretty much all the bundles with the xM1 are sold out at the current moment. I’ve read an older post from a few months back around December that supply chain issues are the reason for the shortage, obviously that’s pretty understandable. Any new updates on availability? If it’s pretty far out, I’ll get the Magneto Bundle instead, but I figured it was worth an ask on the forum.

Thanks in advance for any info, and thanks for all you guys do for the community!

AFAIK since these magic chips are from sketchy chinese companies and they don’t just sell the chips, it’s quite the hassle to get them. But no idea really.
Have you considered a flexM1?


That might be a good alternative actually, didn’t really consider that. I don’t mind buying an xM1 variant separately, it’s probably the one I think I would use the least vs like the NExT implant, I work in the Security/Access field so that’s gonna be the main use. Plus I’d wanna get used to having the glass ones before adding a flex.

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This is just me but I would say get a NExT and a flexM1 :slight_smile:


You say that now, but Mifare Classic, specifically the 1k variant, is figuratively everywhere; when you start looking, you will find it.
I would purely be pulling a percentage from my arse, but If I had to guess the ratio of HF Mifare Classic compatiable locks and systems, it would be a cunt load more than the other HF options.

Others may disagree, but that has been my experience.

Not just you, I agree whole heartedly, in my opinion, thats a great combination.

I use and love my xM1, but I use my FlexM1 more, just because of the extended read range and ease of use.

I have a gen2, but I am also considering a gen1.
I’ll use the gen1 for my own many stuffs I can enrol to… and my gen2 as my dynamic super duper travel write on the fly implant

Get a Flex1…you wont regret it


We are effectively out of xM1 chips and having supply issues getting the bare die required to make more. We do have some leads we are working to locate, test, and process a full wafer into bare die, but this is a long risky process because the magic chips are grey market. Traditional RFID manufacturers are not excited about the idea of transponders with changable UIDs.


@amal Thank you for the update, much appreciated.

I ended up just doing the Magneto Bundle as well as the Proxmark3 Easy, and I’ll take the advice of all the other and get the FlexM1 when the time comes.

Ordered it late Tuesday and it’ll be here tomorrow. One Day shipping, perks of living in Washington, minus having to pay taxes on the items, lol.