Button in an implant

It’s at least electrically possible to run payment and blinkies simultaneously, which is a good sign. Hopefully a sturdier design will surface eventually

We will soon reach the anniversary of my DF + blinkie:

  • still working perfectly
  • has no “solid base”
  • implanted in a region which sees a lot of stress on a daily basis

I still think that the LED nails, on their own, won’t fail for stress related reasons. (may still fail for other reasons. that’s why I’m keeping mine on hold for an year with regular tests)

The main thing I believe caused us to see so many LED nail fails was the base for the FlexNeXT/similar, which would force them in ways they wouldn’t be forced on their own.

Targeting a single bit with a field might prove very challenging.

But we do have Hall Effect Switches, which might do what you’re trying to achieve (I think)

Oh, that sure changes things!
The LED nails I was mentioning are about 1cm in diameter.
I can’t even think of any “ready-to-convert” LED output which is 1mm wide (larger than that and you probably can’t arrange them in a convincing circle shape. 2mm LEDs inside 1cm diameter will give you a wobbly diamond pattern at best)

It’s doable, but would require some hardcore custom work such as @PaulT 's custom work:

Which is on the making for quite a while now… so maybe Soon™ :upside_down_face:

Also another issue to consider, just expanding on what @DonFire already pointed out very well, is that some colours will cross skin better than others. So to have a homogeneous looking rainbow you’ll also want to pump some colours to the max, while holding some others back a bit.

That said, I do love your idea! :star_struck:
says the creep currently sporting rainbow hair


I want to see this wonderful hair :eyes:!

Unfortunately even latching ones of those need power unfortunately, so not sure that a hall effect switch would be much good on it’s own, with a microcontroller it wouldn’t be too hard though (at least with a NTAG I2C plus which has a NFC silence mode).

I had wondered about that, will definitely be interested to hear about your singular flexLEDs too :slight_smile:


Ack! I’ve missed this one!!
(actually, I had almost no time to sit down in front of the PC last couple of weeks.)

Well, my hair looks shite atm, but I do have a couple of decent pics from when it was still in it’s blue phoenix phase. :sweat_smile:

(so many people called that raibow though… so I’ll count it)

I was following the “Something like Hall Effect” statement. Hall effect cannot occur without electric flow, therefore I assumed being powered would not be an issue.
But I see now where I might have misassumed. :sweat_smile:

Once travel normalises I’ll get those implanted. gotta meet my artist in Norway for that.

Will post here about it.