Buy just the tags?

Do you have links?

As far as I am aware, you can’t buy an xSeries implant without a :syringe: , so you won’t find them listed like that on the website.

Also not all implants are the same diameter, so it is not always one size fits all.
xG3 vs NExT vs xSIID vs xM1 vs xEM / xNT vs xDF2 vs Spark2
Some are and some aren’t the same diameter

I doubt there would be significant savings excluding the syringe, the cost comes from the actual implant.

What you are actually paying for is the quality, service, years of R&D, testing, reputation, support and a lifetime guarantee. :+1:

If you really want to save some money there is the cyborg sale that will happen in a few months

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Oh no :sweat_smile: sterilise an old injector assembly is a really bad idea.

Not only because you would never completely clean and sterilise it but the needle bevel is so sharp its damaged after an install. The re use of injectors is not in any way recommend or even sensible.

You will see many of these type of chips sold on aliexpress excetra they are almost always substandard quality and have no guarantee of sterility (both inside and outside the glass) and definatly arnt going to be the same quality glass


Yeah, it’d probably be better just to get the full kit and here’s the link I saw: xM1 RFID Mifare-1K implant Tag [Unboxing] - YouTube


The xM1 is awesome.
Do you have a specific use for it?

Do you need a hand deciding?
any of us here would be happy to help…

I am thinking about either the webbing on my right hand, or the side of my left hand, because I have an xSLX in the webbing of my left hand, and I am thinking about getting the vivokey spark in my right webbing. I am also not totally sure what the xM1 can be used for, I know the uid can be changed? But I would probably clone my school access badge to that. Although I may need you to explain the xM1 a bit better, if you can of course

you should determine what kind of card your school access badge is first, so that you know whether or not it is cloneable or which implant is most equivalent to it. :slight_smile:

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Can you do me a favour and Install taginfo on your phone and scan your school badge.

If it doesn’t scan, then it is likely an LF, so you will probably need to look at an xEM or a NExT implant.

If it does scan

Alright, thank you. It’s an hf badge, so I think I understand HF better

Cool, what did it identify the chip as?

did it say something like
Mifare Classic 1k
something else…

That is a pretty bad idea, for several reasons

Also the video you linked is 6+ years old… and or you notice that syringe was sterile, until he unnecessarily opened it and contaminating it

I’m also pretty sure that chip won’t fit in the injector he had… I have an Xm1 and it’s a wider chip than that injector

I will say, I do see the appeal of the chip not being in the needle during shipment, but that’s ONLY to allow an end user to interact with it with a reader before implanting… while still being in sterile packaging

Problem is that likely increases the chance of a self install user (which isn’t recommended anymore) of cross contamination and getting an infection

Likely not worth the trouble

Not to mention the syringe itself after use…


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How do you plan to sterilize the implant?

How do you plan on sterilizing the injector?


That looks like a very fine gauge, five bladed needle. I am guessing it’s an insulin syringe.

Implants would not fit through such a small needle.

Very very small needle the effect is seen on all needles but generally the smaller the more pronounced the effect.

That said don’t reuse needles or injectors.

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In the US BD used to include literature about that needle tip cut with all of their boxes of insulin syringes. They seem to have stopped.

Never reuse a needle, or a lancet. They get blunt, when they are blunt they hurt more. If you want the pain then get blunt syringe tips but still don’t reuse them.

Mifare classic 1k

To clone that you will need a magic chip so that you can change the UID. There are a couple available through DT. If you don’t use a magic chip you will have to get whoever runs your school access control to enroll your tag

Perfect, it sounds like you are in the market for an xM1 or FlexM1

If you have, or have access to a Proxmark

or android

or iPhone