Buying a proxmark

For my upcoming projects i will be needing a device like the proxmark3 for my implants. Is it a bad idea to go with a cheap knock-of proxmark3 to save some money compared to the true proxmark3?

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In short yes. It’s an extremely bad idea for more reasons than I can list. I have a friend with one that barely works to read let-alone write. I would buy nothing but genuine hardware when it comes to this.

If you have implants - your going to want changeable antennas and the amplification circuitry that comes with the later models - the stock antennas are barely capable of properly writing to glass tag style implants. Even with genuine hardware.

At Rysc Corp a Proxmark (RDV2 or not) costs at least $299 before shipping. It cost $212.00 for the actual PM3 RDV2 and $36.30 for shipping to the US for a total of $248.30. Looking back, it’s actually possible to save a couple more bucks by going to AliExpress and buying the RDV2 there for about $190.

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Onyx - yes you can save but the aliexpress models are not genuine.

While some of these Chinese knock-offs actually work perfectly fine (I have one that I am currently doing hardware mods on for a friend, and cant tell difference between it and my genuine hardware testing both low and and high frequency functions). A lot are non-functional and come with a plethora of issues due to lack of quality control and lack of quality components.

You are playing basically luck of the draw when buying a PM3 from eBay or aliexpress. I have a 2nd knock-off unit from eBay that basically just wont function, it sometimes reads LF and always reads HF but can’t handle any high frequency attacks (crashes every time) and it cant write to a t55 chip consistently.