Can apps "clone" a tag?

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i’m 100% new here. (noob)
I reed much of the forum because i had many questions. The most are answered but there is still one over:

How can i know on what frequency my workplace door works? And how to open it with my reader? I mean, how to copy/clone the acces code?

  • is it xEM or xNT? (i just want to unlock doors/phone/computer/… easy things not too complicated in the beginning)

Sorry for the easy questions and my bad english…

Thanks for the attention!!!

No problem at all…

First, get a RFID Diag Card to test the readers at your work. This should tell you what frequency the readers operate on. Some readers are dual frequency, so in this case both LEDs will light up.

How the reader works is tougher. Most 125khz cards only have memory space for an ID number, and no other features… so most 125khz readers only care about the ID number in the card. When it comes to 13.56mhz cards, things can get crazy… but if you have an Android smartphone that has a non-NXP reader chip in for NFC, you can read a broad range of cards with it using the TagInfo app. Basically you want to find out what kind of card it is that way, then research from there to find out how you might be able to get an implant to work with the system.

If you are working on your own solutions, there are a number of ways to go about things. You could get an xNT and a Samsung Ezon door lock. Most every Ezon lock reads the xNT just fine. When it comes to computer login, you’ll probably have an easier time with the xNT as well, so I’d suggest the xNT. At the moment, solutions are kind of “figure things out yourself” but we are working to compile a how-to list.

To read up about cloning, check out these threads;


Thx for helping Me !