Can Bullseye's be read by NFC Tool app?

I bought the 5 pack of Bullseye tags and downloaded NFC tool app and I’m having no luck reading them. I have a Glaxcay Note 4 that has a NFC ability. Can anyone tell me it i need a different reader/programmer to use the tags? does anyone have a link for how to use the Bullseye tags? it didn’t come with any instructions just an invoice.

Hmm no, they should read no problem. Which app exactly are you using? Can you supply a link? Is if “NFC Tools” or “nfc tool”?

Try going to the home screen on your phone, with no app up, and read one. A simple blank screen should pop up and say something like “New Tag Collected” or “Empty Tag”.

Also, make sure NFC is enabled on your phone and that the tag isn’t on a metal surface.

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True. I was envisioning someone holding the phone in one hand, and bringing the tag up to the phone with the other… but I have seem people try to put an NFC sticker on the back of their metal cased macbook air before. Unless the tag is “on-metal” (has a ferrite polymer backing) it won’t work at all.

the app is NFC Tools by wakdev.

Yeah it should read them no problem. Can you read any tags? Have you tried with any other tags?

I have been holing the tag in one hand and the phone in the other. I have turned the NFC on wail on my home screen and still nothing.

hmm… nothign on any of the tags at all? have you tried to read any other tags?

Finally… do you have a metal case on your phone? any kind of 3rd party case at all? if yes, try removing the case.