Can I add time constraints to a Mifare 1k NFC

I own a short term rental that has an Assa Abloy Essence lock that I am not allowed to change. These locks are not networked. Mifare 1k Classic

The HOA is telling us they can now offer us FOBs that can be programmed to timeout after the renters stay is up. Ex - Renter stay is 5 days, FOB will disable itself in 5 days so FOB can be thrown out or if lost will not allow access after stay duration as they all do now.
Of course they want a monthly fee for this service.

Is this possible to program on the NFC, since the lock is not networked?
Can I do it myself and avoid the monthly fee they are offering.
I have the Proxmark3 Easy and can duplicate my FOBs now.

If they are doing timeouts I bet the reader is networked to some extent. How would they register new tags without it?

its a roling offline feature and very real, basically kicks a domino effect to remove the old and assign the new providing the new has the correct info

shoot me a dm over on here or on discord (Equip#1515) and send over the dump files of as many of them as you can. if there is a fuse for activating such timeouts ill find it and help you remove it. the HOA may not be happy tho


I would think as well, but the wifi is spotty and there are no cables to the door, and I know they are battery operated.