Can I put 2 X chips in R0?

As the question says. If I have two seperate X series implants such as an LF and HF chip, or a chip and a blinkie, can I install both into the webbing on the same hand?

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This should answer that question for you…

By the way, The forum search function works pretty well

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That is exactly the information I was after, thank you.

My apologies if that was already posted somewhere really obvious and I missed it.

I want to install an LED chip next to an xM1 so it lights up when my hand is near the reader. I’ll make sure to place it at least 5mm away.


Just as additional information; my Vivokey Flex One and Apex Flex are at most 2cm apart (1cm vertically, 1.5cm horizontally if that makes sense), just above my wrist on the forearm. They are still VERY easy to read separately and there is never any confusion on which chip is being read.

I placed them this close since I didn’t want one by my watch, and the implanter was somewhat hesitant to do it by the pinkie bone. I planned on removing the Flex One anyway since it’s the beta chip, but seeing how well it works I may just keep them both.