Can I setup VivoKey apex to gym membership?

I have a membership at a local gym that uses a card reader for the outside door. How would I go about asking to be integrated into their system with my implant? Wasn’t sure if they would not allow this or something

  1. are you sure your implant will work as a key in their system?
  2. no harm in making friends with them and then asking!

Step 1… did the reader beep when you put the Apex up to it?


3 month Old thread, but for some reason my reply was sitting in my drafts…
Its not helping any fucker in there, so here it is, released in the wild

Alternative Step 1 (if if you are not going to be back for a while)

Can you scan your card with TagInfo?

You probably don’t want to share your results publicly, But if it scans, we can talk you through “what’s next”


What Gym, someone here may already know the answer