Can not change data on LF side of NExT - SOLVED

I need some help with trying to change the data on the LF side of my NExT implant with a proxmark3. Normally I would do

“lf t55xx wipe” then “lf hid clone -r dataHere”

Which works fine on a test card. However when I try it on my implant it doesn’t work, and the data is unchanged. I’ve never changed the data on my implant and its the same as when I got it from DT. There is no password set. I’ve also used “lf tune” to find the optimal position to hold the antenna.

output of doing “lf t55xx wipe” then “lf search”

No matter what I try I haven’t been able to either erase or change the data on my implant. I’m not sure what to do, and any help is appreciated.

well flipping the Q switch on the back to 7 made it work