Can only put URL on my NeXT, no V-card or else

Hi there.
i’m trying to put my buisiness card on my next, that works but cannot read with phone.
I tried with: NXP Tagwwriter, NFC Tools and with NFC app.
I can write, i can read with app but when i just scan with uphone 12 pro max i does not work.
The only option that works is the URL.
When i scan with phone i get small link in top of screen with link to url.
I cannot get that programmed that site starts automaticly.

So 2 questions
1: how can i arrange that when somebody scans with phone the site (url) opens automaticly?
2: how can get the buisiness card working to share with others? (scanning without any app)

Grtz Remco

  1. Should just work when you have a http(s) url
  2. iPhones only support links, that’s why I played with My anniversary project - a private popl clone
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Short answer you can’t,

People abused this in the beginning, and it’s an obvious security flaw… it will only give the user a notification and a clickable link

Popl works great, or yekas private pool


1: i programmed a http link to a website but i does not open the url.
2. So buisiness card on iphone not possible ??

Explain what you mean that it doesn’t open

And yes a business card is possible, I do it with my iPhone

Not in the usual way, but my tool supports a vcard download.


popl is an app ?
or website.

Both lol

Let me find you a link

the vcard download is also a link you have to click on after scan?
So nothing possible without click a link on scanning phone before something opens?

Yes, it’s actually even more clicks. iPhones suck.


Think of it as a Windows prompt
“Are you sure you want to _____”

Otherwise you could load some kind of malicious link and the user never gets a say

Tried popl link but does not work on iphone either.
can write but not read without an app.

What iPhone do you have? I believe as a general rule any of the old iPhones with a home button won’t nfc background scan

Nvm I see you have a 12

If the chip is scanning with an app and not background scan, good news that means there’s nothing wrong with your chip

Only question is did you write to it in some what that the background scan doesn’t like, or is there something wrong with your phones system

It’s worth mentioning iPhones do enter a power save mode, and the background scan isn’t always actice
Sometimes I have to turn my screen off and then when you turn you screen on and log in the background scan is chomping at the bit…

If you’ve been on YouTube for an hour and try to scan a chip, the phone is sometimes not paying attention

I’ve also seen a trend that the phone scans better when I physically tilt the phone down like I’m trying to read a counter… could be tied in with accelerometer to only activate when it detects a scanning motion… or I could be imagining things

Additionally, are you being very deliberate with the scan location?

Use an app, and figure out exactly where you need to place your phone for a perfect read

Then place your phone there and leave it for 10 seconds

For what it’s worth, I’m using a iPhone XR and it works almost all the time for me

my scanning works great. Found perfect location with phone.
But i learned here that iphone can ONLY scan URL links, nothing else.
Popl and Disbe does not work also.
Normal URL’s no problem but want to share buisiness card.

you have something thats works on a iphone 12 promax?
Can only read url !!
Popl and Disbe does not work, only with nfc app.

I moved your last post here.

We get it, you are frustrated and just want it to work, but you have put the ~same comment in 3 different threads.

It is an iPhone limitation, not a limitation of your NExT.

Oke, not really frustrated but trying to find a way around.
Sorry using 3 threads, new here so have to find my way (-;

All good, I just wanted to stop you before you necromanced the entire forum :wink:

Project Crypto Popel will be your solution, you just need to wait for Yekas assistance.

He is in Germany, so around 2am for him currently.

He is very active ( when he’s awake ), he is probably currently reassimilating and getting OTA updates from the DT server…

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Thanks, is 02.30 here in holland also.
So i go to sleep now !!
Check again tomorrow.

Can you explain what you mean here?

You write a url pointing towards the Popl profile