Can only put URL on my NeXT, no V-card or else

Hi Remco.
Apple was very restrictive with NFC, I think not even allowing non-Apple apps to use NFC until very recently.
If you get a cheap second hand android and you can trigger almost anything from setting alarms, toggle Wifi, pre-typed text message, launching apps.

I understand you prefer solutions for your current hardware, but in a kind way, I want to point out that at the moment it’s like bringing one shoe to a running race, the footwear, not the fitness of the athlete, will let the system down.

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can write popl url but iphone cannot read that file.
Only with an nfc app.
Iphone only reads url strait to websites.

Then you do something wrong, you need to write a url NDEF record. I think you wrote a text record with the URL as text or something.
NFC Tools calls it Custom URL, paste the link and it should work.

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TagInfo full scan of the chip?