Can somebody proxmark me?

I’ve got a spare (out of service) work badge that I’d like to get a proxmark scan on to see what it is. Would someone be willing to scan it for me if I mailed it to you?

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I’d volunteer if I mine wasn’t in pieces

I can if you need, but I’m no pro at it, just know the basics
But I can run any commands you want though

Do you know if it is LF or HF? if you don’t know, do you have diagnostic tools for the reader? or Can you light it up from behind. GENERALLY LF will have a circular antenna and HF will be a perimeter antenna
If it’s HF does TagInfo give you anything?

Any other clues on the card or reader?

Probably not practical to send to NZ!?

I’d be up for it as well, but @Eriequiet probably has you covered.

Be super sweet to be able to use the flipper like the blue cloner.

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Lol you’re the one that helped me make sense of the how to install the damn thing lol

Speaking of, I might need your help in the future, I want to factory reset that computer, I might need a hand getting Ubuntu set up properly again

Here’s hoping, but gotta wait till it ships… probably in March

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:+1: NP, would be happy to help. Should only take a few minutes.

I need to try and get back to work on making an easier proxmark environment. Still think that’s an important project.


I got 30 more days before I HAVE to use my coupon.

Just hoping for a review soon…

Definitely HF.

@Eriequiet , I’m sending a DM.

Thanks all!

What does TagInfo say.

What’s your end goal?

Curiosity. It’s gonna get me killed someday.

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Chemistry will see to it one way or other :man_shrugging:t2:

where do you live i also have a spare proxmark would be willing to help out :slight_smile:

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SW Arkansas.

Thanks for the offer, but Ive already got something setup.
Man, I love how helpful this forum is!

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What if we just sent you a proxmark3. If you promise to keep contributing to the forum, DT will spot you one


The offer is really appreciated, but right now I don’t have the use to justify having one. That might change in the future, but for now, it’s one and done.