Can the Dual Frequency ring make NFC payments?

I’ve seen on quite a few rings there’s a disclaimer of This ring model is not payment enabled but the Dual Frequency Ring (NTAG216 + T5577) doesn’t have this and has NFC capabilities, am i correct in believing that this means if my bank supports NFC payment, the ring should be able to make payments on Tap ‘N’ Go machines?

No buddy, sorry.
I see the confusion.

NFC (Near Field Communication) is just the method of communication between devices.

What country are you in?

There may be some other options for you


Are you willing to get a flex implant?

Conversion service

Westpac (Australia)

Westpac offers a PayWear mini card module to their customers which can be converted into an implantable payment device.

The steps to convert a mini card are as follows;