Can you set xM1+ UID with a phone app?

I’m wondering if there’s an android app that would let one set the UID on the xM1+? Or can that only be done with a proxmark or something like that?

I have a Sony Xperia that seems to have the right NXP chip, it can read the xM1+ and get a memory dump etc from it using NFC Tools Pro, so I’m wondering if there’s an app that would let me write / change the UID?


Unfortunately no… the gen1 chip in the xM1+ requires a “magic command” that you send to the chip after the HALT command… this would require fundamental alterations to the Android source code NFC stack to get it working.

Ah, ok, thanks for the reply! I’ve got a proxmark (easy) but haven’t really figured it out yet. Time to get learning that! :slight_smile:

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