Cannot write on my chip anymore

Heeey !!! What up Guys !!! I have trouble with my chip … I cannot write on it anymore… I’ve been able to write 2 things on it and now its seems that the information who was on it dissapear and each time i try to write something on it it say that i cannot be done… error… i dont understand what happening … help me please !!! Thank you very much !!!

I had issues with my xSIID once, think I had a bad tag placement when writing to it. This fixed it for me.
From DevilClarke via Discord.
xSIID ndef screwed up recovery (works most of the time)

Sorry I dont understand the solution … i’m not very good with that … what i have to do exactly ???

Oh sorry. I wrote that data to the xSIID using my proxmark.

Also used the Erase Tag function in NFC Tools once to get my NExT working again.

Given that you got your implant just a couple of days ago, this is probably caused by bad coupling. The trauma of having a needle shoved into your hand causes some swelling, and fluids gather in the surrounding tissue. Unfortunately this can cause issues reading and writing implants. Writing uses more energy and so is harder than reading. Don’t worry about it. Wait a few days (a couple of weeks is normal) and the swelling should subside and allow you to read and write once again.


Thanks !!! But i’m scared that the chip is corrupt or dammage or somethings… my phone can Still scan it but when i try to write on it it said Error Writing this chip is not take in charge … it work really fine the 2 first Day and since yesterday all the thing i wrote on it disapers and i cannot write on it anymore… I dont understand what’s happened…

Seriously, you might not feel the fluid build up, but this is almost definitely the cause.

You will see very similar comments from lots of people.

Thanks !!! Very appreciate !!! Will let it heal longer then !!!

Post a full scan here from TagInfo?

Just to reiterate what @zwack said, for your piece of mind.

What you are experiencing is completely normal.

When you first get your install, your body may be experiencing some shock, there can be very little fluid build up, meaning you can read and write to your chip easily.
Then after [period of time] you will get swelling/ inflammation/ fluid build up or @zwacks " corporeal response to a traumatic event :man_student:" and as he says above, even if you can’t see it or feel it, it will be there and causing the issues that you are seeing.

Just forget that you have it and let it heal for a full 2 weeks.
After that, you should be golden :+1:

and as I was typing, Amal has jumped in

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Heeeeeeey !!! ITS WORKING AGAIN !!! Thanks evryone you’re Awsome !!!

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Damn Still not working …

Have patience Grasshopper.

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Indeed :arrow_heading_up: