Can't find person or place that will inject the implant

I’ve called 16 place in and around the Dallas Texas area. I can’t find anyone that is willing to install one of the x series implants into my hand. I’ve called several tattoo and body modification shops, a health clinic, and a veterinarian clinic. Does anyone know of any place in the Dallas area that can do this?

Dude you are so in luck.

Pineapple is first class.


Edit: Nvm, Odaily’s got you!

And welcome to the forum!
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Thank you!

That’s like the one place I didn’t call because they were already closed. So you guys have used them?

Pineapple is well well established in our circles. He’s a little bit higher on price than some, but the dude knows his shit. I had him put in both of my Titans and couldn’t have been happier.

Cool, he’ll be here in a couple weeks. I’ll shoot him an e-mail.

Well there’s yer problem right there :slight_smile:

Read this;


and there is more…

Thanks for the advice. Pineapple definitely knew what he was doing. He’s also a really cool guy.


this is who did mine!! Highly recommended