Can't get past first step

New implant today. Want to start set up process with dangerous nfc. I select password (4 digits) and save. The scan tag button remains dormant. I tried 3 digits, saved, same results. It’s so basic that I see no suggestions online. Read lots of getting started posts no mention of this. Thanks. Just trying to get off the ground.

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Hi Donb,

  1. what product did you purchase/install?

  2. Can you get a read from the phone without using Dangerous NFC? You may be having an issue finding the “sweet spot”. Check the xLED product page for a video explaining tag reading and orientation.

XNT chip.

I can get a brief notification that the tag was lost.

I don’t get a notification that it has been detected.

Does the password selected, scan tag now button go live and I press it, or does this happen automatically

When you set a password and tap save, you should see a “scan now” message at the bottom of the screen. It’s live at that point.

Lots of reorienting of phone and slow movement until at last upload was a success. Thanks Amal!

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No problem… If orientation continues to be a problem, definitely check into the xLED.