Can't get XSIID chip to read

Hiya, fresh cyborg here. I have read through a couple forum posts with similar issues, but could not figure out what’s causing my problem. I recently implanted the XSIID with LED implant on my left hand. The procedure was 8 days ago now and the swelling is 99% gone. I have tried to read it with my phone multiple times and have not gotten any successful reads. I also tried multiple other phones from friends to double check. I also purchased a proxmark 3, but have not gotten the chance to use it yet (I got it set up, but I am not sure what commands to use to actually read/scan with it). What are some of the first steps I should try?

A couple notes here:
-I had a friend do the injection for me. He is not technically a medical professional yet, but he did just graduate from his 4 year and he works at a clinic. I can upload a video of the install if that helps
-It is kind of hard to tell, but I am not sure if the implant is perfectly parallel with the metacarpal bone. Based off feel and lightly poking at it, it feels like the implant is at a slight angle pointing downwards, maybe 30 degrees at most.

I really hope non of that is causing my issue, but I figured I should be transparent and mention them here. Any help is greatly appreciated! I really hope to get this up and running.

The recommendation is to wait 2 weeks before you write to an implant after install due to the healing process. You might not see swelling, I didn’t for mine, but there is still fluid build up around the implant.
It could be just too soon for your phone to be able to read it due to the fluid build up.
Just one possiblity.

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That’s a relief to here. I figured since I couldn’t feel it that it was all good, but that makes sense. Thanks!

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Is it your first implant?

If so…


Yes it is! I am really excited to get it up and running, but man there is a lot of stuff I am still confused about. I also kind of regret my choice lol. The new Xmagic that just came out seems waaaaay more practical. But I really just wanted the blinky blinky light lol

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Hahaha the xSIID is awesome just for the blinky!
Don’t regret it!
There’s still plenty of space for the xMagic and whatever else you want to get in the future!
The xSIID was my first and I love it just for the blink factor.
There is a lot to learn. I’ve been following for a while but I’m still learning after 6 implants.

6??? how do you even keep track of that many? I have seen a couple of the xray photos of people with a bunch, but man that is pretty crazy. Thats pretty cool to hear though. Could I ask you to list them out along with there locations? I am just kind of surprised you would find a use for more than 2 of them

6 actually isn’t much compared to some others around here. Some people have had more than 6 installed in one session lol
I’ll list in order of install
xG3v1 right knife edge
xG3v2 L2
xEM R5
FlexMT in back of forearm

I’ve had uses for all my implants, but at the moment they’ve all gone away besides xSIID, NFC part of NExT, and magnets. In a transition between jobs, apartments, and vehicles, so I should have new uses for them all before the end of the year. I would like the get a xMagic though to keep a gen2 Mifare on standby for hotels and what not. I don’t know if I’d have a use for a third T5577 though.

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Dang, thats a whole lot more than I would have thought of. I was definitely imagining a ‘one implant for all situations’ in my head before I started lol. I am planning on installing more for sure, but I dont think I’ll go over two. I bought the bundle with the XSIID and xEM chip





With the 2 that you have, and If you added the xMagic
You would be covered for MOST situations.

If I were you, I would consider putting the xEM alongside (≥5mm) the xSIID

and the xMagic in your other #P0

how do I install a chip alongside another one? That does not cause problems with them being so close together? I would imaging it might make a reader read the wrong chip. Yeah, I just saw the xMagic release and think its pretty cool. I might snag one up soon.

Not too difficult actually

just make sure they are >5mm apart

You would not want to put 2+ implants of the same frequency close together.

The above example would be 1 HF and 1 LF >5mm apart

NOT 2 x HF or 2 x LF

Absolutely, they are 2in1 and a great implant.

Don’t wait too long, they sold out pretty quick last time

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