support both MIFARE DESFire and LEGIC RFID systems.

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What chip do you have?

Is it implanted? how long ago?

That is odd, do you have more information.

But before going too far down the Proxmark3 path,
If you own the lock, you should be able to enroll your implant.

@Fluo88 will be in a better position to talk you through enrollment.

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Okay… so i need to know a few things

*What implant do you have?
*where and when did you buy the lock?

Because the omega flex line does support
"Mifare classic
*Desfire ev1/ev2

BUT!! all new locks are DESFire out of the factory

so you have a few problems at first because:

On the lock tags (keys) there are 2 files present those files are what allows the encrypted communication.
those 2 files you will not get for obvious reasons… those are from CES

Because of the desfire you CANNOT copy a tag

soooo what then…

here is what i did:
(i have a xNT chip)

called my CES dealer,
asked them if they would put the lock in Standard mode (mifare classic) instead of the Secure mode being desfire.
i send my lock to them, and 2 weeks later i got my lock back in the correct mode
then the lock will only look for a UID instead of the UID and the secure files

so to summarize

IF your lock is DESFIRE … its not going to work… only with the tags that are in the box.
unless they convert the lock to MIFARE CLASSIC.


After you get the lock back you can add your implant with the "program master key*
just like you would add another tag (so no need for proxmark)

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How to add your chip to the lock (after desfire removal)

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How to do that ? Please help me

I have Nxnt i have .
Yes its implanted long time ago. Proxmark3 read my implant with no problem

Okay so you got the xNT like me.

And also what country are you living?
Because i can help you get in contact with the right ces in the right country

And yes there is nothing wrong with the chip in your hand so proxmark or taginfo (app on phone) will read just fine

But it is not the chip thats the problem its the lock itself.

It’s new lock I just get yesterday so I have to send it back ?

I live in Iceland

I was buy my CES on Greman ebay

So there is no ces in iceland but in the uk there is

So call this number : +44 1634 713 369

In the clip below i say again what to do

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Thanks so much buy I dont know if I can handle maybe if its no problem for you I can send do you I you can make this for me I gonna pay for all shipping and stuff . If its no problem for you

I you agree you can send me your address on mail gottheitthratt@vikingkebab.is

What you think you can help me or not ?

Thats great information, I will update the link on the compatibility matrix to your thread.

Do you know if a DESFire card can be enrolled?

Therefore the xDF2, FlexDF or FlexDF2

Or does that have to be done at the factory also?

(sorry if you included that info in your videos, I haven’t watched them yet)

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I think giving you the phone number to call and telling you what you need to ask was helping you.


A buddy of mine installed the xDF2
and he cannot use his chip to enroll

He also had the lock converted back to mifare classic
After he tested his chip on my door and my door opened

This has everything to do with those secure files wich are hardcoded in the tags from the factory.

And ofcourse we never going to get them

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I think the best thing you can do is find someone of your friends of family that can help you with that?

Because i will not accept your lock to be send to me and then its my problem :wink:
If anything happens its my fault and since the locks are 400 euro a piece… you get my point


Well i have some new and important info regarding the
CES Omega Flex locks.


After a very long discussion with CES Germany i found out the following:

They will no longer convert DESFire protocol to MIFARE Classic. (Globally) as of now.


They will sell the lock with MIFARE Classic from the factory as a new lock…

The only thing you need to do when you order a CES Omega Flex is make sure you order the MIFARE Classic one.

If you dont see any of those because you only see the desfire locks then you need to contact the retailer because they CAN order the MIFARE Classic one for you at the factory.

Hope this clears things up for allot of people.

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Cheers, I updated and added a note / comment to the compatability matrix :+1:

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