CES Omega Flex Lock

I have the CES Omega Flex lock, but it won’t read my xNT just yet. I may have to wait a bit longer as I just got my implant about 48 hours ago and there might be some swelling left…

Note, it’s this one:

It already works directly on the PCB with the coils if I remove the cover, which shaves off at most 1mm of distance. So it’s definitely an induction/reception problem. I already removed the protruding part of the rods and solder that made the PCB sit slightly recessed (away) from the plastic cover. This decreased the distance and should improve reception a tiny bit but hasn’t made enough difference. I was wondering whether I could/should sand and polish off some 0.2mm of material off the front of the knob. As long as I don’t go through entirely, this should improve reception.

Anyone else who has the xNT with OmegaFlex lock? Any experiences and/or pointers on modifying this one? If there are none, I’ll see if I can keep this topic updated with steps that I took or progress through reduced swelling. Does anyone both have this lock and a different one with in use with the same xNT? In that case, I’d love to know how they compare.

This lock has always been right on the edge of readability with the xNT… which means any production variance in the antenna of the lock or the xNT might result in the inability to get a read. Your best option is to keep doing as you’re doing and try to find ways to bring the tag and antenna closer. Healing and swelling play a role too, so you might wait another 7 days and try again before ripping the lock apart.