Chargepoint Card

Hey folks, has anyone looked into using an implant with a Chargepoint electric car charger yet? You can get a free card off their website so if not, I’ll request one and see what’s what. I know their marketing material says their chargers can accept mifare cards, but a cursory search didn’t reveal any details. I figured if nobody’s looked into them yet I may as well get a card and see if I can’t add that info to the hivemind.

EDIT:: nevermind, found it eventually. the spec sheet says the reader is “ISO 15693, 14443” so perhaps a Spark or an xSIId


An implant with a electric car charger?

Whatchu talkin bout Willis?

LOL sorry. They are a company that has placed car chargers all over the place and you can activate the charger by tapping a card. They allow you to register an existing “mifare transit card” as your activation card as a convenience, or will send you one of their cards free of charge (see what I did there)


That could mean you may be able to use a flexM1.

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Got it

I got the new experimental car charger implant bruh… I just plug my finger into the car to charge it… like Mork drinking from a glass… but backwards… :stuck_out_tongue:

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wait… how do you charge your X series? :stuck_out_tongue:


Happen to have an xFD HF? See how strong the reader is / best positions - an xM1 could potentially work, and with the cyber monday week sale, now is the time to get one if it works.


I have met a similar charger here in :czech_republic: coincidentally. I have been touching it inappropriately with my Proxgrind field detector, to my surprise, it has indicated both 125 kHz as well as 13.56 MHz, see the video: Sadly I am still driving diesel, so this is not yet an excuse to get the flexM1 I have implanted. I’d be surprised if they did not use some advanced/secure standard such as DESfire, but it is possible. The reader beeped when presented with Mifare classic 1K coin formatted as NDEF link to my website, also on video. I will try to obtain a valid card and examine it with my pm3.

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I’ve got a physical card. Here’s a full scan on tag info, anything else you might need to determine compatibility?

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Anything interesting under IC info tab?

This is a Chargepoint branded card?


Well, since it’s a Java card Smart card secure element whatever you want to call it… I don’t think there’s any way to clone it.

I’ve reached out to ChargePoint business development contacts via LinkedIn to talk about a possibility of developing a chargepoint application for Apex.


Thank you sir