Chelsea Manning was RELEASED

I noticed there hasn’t been alot of news surrounding it but Chelsea Manning was released finally! I feel like this is a big win and sets a precedent as far as morals. After 18 grueling months you have finally been released. :clap::clap::clap::clap: I applaud the bravery, the strong will and the solidarity that she has showed her captors.

Hopefully with the mistrial of the CIA Vault7 ordeal, Joshua Schulte and now Mrs. Manning. Julian Assange will have a better chance at fighting :pray:.

Just thought I’d let anyone who cares know she’s finally OUT!


Thats fantastic, I havnt been on social media for months so its good to know she is free again


The case law presented was a great read on coercion from confinement. It’s null and mute, degrading and mentally detrimental. She still owes like a 1/4million USD still in fines. But at least she’s free!

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Yeah I read that this morning. Freaking finally so happy to hear that. For so horrible for the past like 10 years I couldn’t imagine being MJPd for 7 years.


I won’t even get started on how mad I am with the US’ pretend democracy. But suffice it to say that Chelsea Manning’s mistreatment, as well as that of other whistleblowers, ordinary innocent citizens and the organized system of lawless detention without due process and torture, are the reasons why I left the US 20 years ago, never to return. Living there today is no better than living in Germany in 1933: sure you can keep your head down and try to ignore what’s happening in the country, but one day they’ll come for you.


@anon3825968 it is why I also left. I came to the United States as a child of 6yrs old of political asylum from Northern Ireland. And left in my 20’s due to the draconic laws the US. I’m glad a precedent has been set for future cases. For me it’s sad because as a young lad I saw the world ahead and before me and I thought I could be someone. And then the war on terrorism started in the US.