Chip architecture info?

Hi, I was wondering where I can read and learn more about the technical details about the chips? Like, which sectors are there in a EM4200 chip, and what info is stored and where?

Is there a wiki or a book or something that you could recommend? Thanks!

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I usually just search for the name of the chip + “datasheet”

So EM450 would be


Thanks! That looks like a good start. Where is a good place to learn more about how to interpret strings and similar stuff about programming RFID and such?

I got started by buying a proxmark and just messing around. The proxmark community is also quite good. This forum is great too, it is more implant focused but it’s probably a somewhat safe assumption that someone with an RFID implant knows a few things about RFID chips.


I also know there is some good recorded talks about RFID from cons like Defcon and the like hanging around on YouTube.

Also, if it is a specific Chip that DT uses, often you will find a link to the datasheet in the produck info
Here is a ScreenShot of the NExT Webstore page. (you will need to click/open it to see the links)

If you wanted them
Here is The NTAG 216
Hereis the Atmel ATA5577


Try checking out some of the links in this thread;

Best Resources to Learn About RFID?


Thanks! Awesome links, now I have somewhere to start. I’m ordering a PM3 sometime soon and I know it’s a steep learning curve but I’m glad that there’s resources to be found online.


I’m getting a NExT implanted tomorrow and I’m gonna clone a EM4200 tag into the T5577 side of it. That’s easy peasy right? :yum:

Once you have your PM3… Yep it’s do’able :grin:
It is easy enough, I wouldn’t go as fas as to say Peasy :wink:

Okay, but it’s a straightforward procedure? Copy all sectors from the EM4200 and write them to the implant?

Sorry, I was joking :roll_eyes: by implying, it is not as simple as the Blue Cloner with a simple Read / Write button. THAT is EASY PEASY( A little stab at the ProxMarks usability. )
But, On the PM3,Once you have the software installed, Just use the correct commands, and you are golden :+1:
It is EASY enough, But not EASY PEASY :smirk:


Haha thanks! I wouldn’t use the blue cloner on an implanted chip not even with a gun to my head :roll_eyes: