Chip code and card codes

Hi, i don’t understand why my chip has 14 digits and my acces cards only 8
I can’t use my chip with this kind of acces? or i need to clone the card into my chip?
I wear a NeXT and Spark2

Thanks for your attention

Can you clarify what system you’re trying to use your NExT with, including the card type? Can you enroll your own implant with your system (as in, are you allowed)?

What you’re calling “14 digit” and “8 digit” are likely the hexidecimal representation of a 4-byte UID (the 8 digit), and a 7-byte UID (14 digits). 2 hex digits are needed to represent a single byte.

4 bytes and 7 bytes are the most popular UID lengths for a ton of access cards. 4 byte is especially common with Mifare Classic 1K cards.

It’s also worth it to note that you cannot clone anything to the NExT, you would need an xM1 for that. The xM1 is a Mifare Classic 1K with a changable UID, it can be set to mimic a given 4-byte card. The NExT has a fixed UID, and cannot be changed. (this is applicable to the NTAG216 13.56MHz side of the NExT, not the 125KHz LF T5577 side)


Yes, I can put my 7bytes in the system but it doesn’t work, only 4 bytes mode in the software access. I’m learner in this world, sorry for your patient.