Chip failing and not being able to be read

One of my chips stopped working after displacement inside the skin. How can I fix it or do I need to get it removed and a new one put in? Thanks in advance for the help!

Hi, I’m not a chip specialist but you should specify some things so that they can help you: which chip , which reader, what is the last thing you did with it and if it was possibly damaged by hitting it. Also where is it placed and how long has it been implanted.

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Left hand in-between thumb and index finger i do not remember which one is in that hand since it stopped working like 3 months ago and just hadn’t had the chance to worry about it until now and when I bought it I bought it in a pack of 2 so one on each hand

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You should be able to deduce the answer that we need to try and help you.

If you can read the other one, that will tell us what your problematic implant is…

I’m having a random guess here, did you get an xEM and xNT?

Can you check your email from 3 months ago?

How much did you pay? (check you bank transactions)

Did you take any photos or video from install?

What else did you get in your bundle?

Do you know if either of you implants were supposed to blink :blinky_green: ?

What RFID diagnostic tools do you have? if any?

As Azflyer said, we really need more info from you to be able to help you

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