Chip for payment

Hi, it’s my first implant, can I use the chip HITAG S2048 of 125 kHz for make payments? How can I get the code of my credit card for paste in the chip? Should I need a specific app ? Thanks and regards Philippe.

Hi @PhilippeAbadia it sounds like you have a lot of research to do,
Start off with
All the Payment FAQ @conphilpott suggested

Then come back and ask about the things you are not sure about and we will help you out :+1:

Hi, thanks for the post that you send me, in there says that we can not pay with the chip but on YouTube I saw it, how can that be possible? How they do it ?

I believe the video that you are referring to used a converted micro payment card as found here.

Not sure if or when the service will be available again though.

There’s rumours of new vivokey products that will support payment so watch this space.

Can you provide a youtube link to what you are referring to, we can probably explain it.
It is a good chance the video you are talking about is what @conphilpott linked to, but there are some other possibilities…Really, if Payment is what you want, then Apex is what you want, see below ( again what @conphilpott referred to )

Hi !! This is the video that I was talking about

I don’t want to speak out of turn here, I think @conphilpott was correct with the link he provided.

I believe @amal has done a bit of work at the behest of Meow, quite possibly the microbank conversion above but definitely an Australian transit pass solution as a part of DTs custom services. But I’ll let Amal answer that for you officially in case I’m incorrect.

As myself and @conphilpott mentioned earlier, if you want payment, just wait on the official release of the APEX products

This video clearly shows the payment not going through… “transaction cancelled”… the reader is picking up his NTAG216 and saying “get that shit outta here”. Just because it can talk to the implant doesn’t mean the implant is capable of successfully making a payment… there are a lot of security and protocol elements required between chip and reader to make a payment… besides, imagine if you could just copy anyone’s payment card into another card or chip… it would be mayhem.

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The guy also has an implant in his thumb.
This video is all shades of wrong…