Chip in the nail

Hi, today a friend as I use a chip in my hand, asked if I can paste such a chip into her nail. Do you know any t5577 in a very small version? I know there are already such but I am looking for something at 125khz.

Not really buddy, the “problem” is the frequency, and therefore the antenna.

The antenna needs to be long, wide or tall, so you won’t find something finger Nail :nail_care: size that is practical

HF is a different story,

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So there are t5577 Nails

But they are literal nails for smart tree marking etc. xD


100 Teile/los Wiederbeschreibbare T5577 EM4305 125KHz RFID Baum Nagel ABS Schwarz Wasserdicht 6*36mm Für Holz management| | - AliExpress


Those would make cool ear plugs!