Chip isn't reading

Hey everyone,
I have the xEMi RFID chip.
So I just got my chip implanted yesterday and everything went smoothly. I’m still waiting for the cloner to arrive in the mail but I’m at work with readers all over the place. The tags we use for work are HID microprox tags. On the reader itself it only has “HID” on it. I placed my hand over the reader and no beep…

  • I can feel the chip with my finger, is it to deep?
  • Does the chip not have an ID on it and that’s why?
  • I looked up the specs and the HID is a 125khz reader
  • I used my school ID card on the work reader and that made it beep.

I’m a little worried I’m gonna have to send this back as it would just be my luck to do so.

Hi John,

The xEM chip is a programmable implant that supports 3 identity “modes”… EM, HID Prox, and Indala. The problem is we ship the xEM in EM mode with an EM ID number programmed at the factory. In this mode, it will not talk to HID prox readers. You will need to change the mode and update the ID with an HID serial number for it to work. The easiest way to do this is with our cloner, but there is a risk (read the product page in full before purchasing).

I can affirm that my xEM was bricked in the clone process. My girlfriend’s worked, however.

For the sake of those who read this post in the future.

Maybe not the case here but some readers will only show a response when a valid Tag is presented to the reader. I know of a few types of readers that look ‘dead’ until a valid card is presented. :smiley: