Chip moved and can't find

Hi all. I’ve got a chip in each hand. I got them back in 2016 and it is now 2021. For as long as I can remember, the one in my left hand has been very hard to scan, and I cannot find it by feeling around. Any clue where it could have gone? I 9nly can phone scan it if I push my palm towards the back of my phone, increasing the pressure that the back of my hand has against the phone.

Could you take a photo of roughly where you think they may be.

Also, if you have a magnet, that may help you find them. :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: :magnet:


What 2 implants do you have? I’m guessing from 2016, you will have an xEM and xNT?

Do you have any other readers you can try to read with.
KBR1 for the xNT?
xEM access controller for the xEM?

Omg why didn’t I think of a magnet? I think it is under the bone between the thumb and pointer finger where they come together wayyy back there. Would a magnet potentially hurt me if it was there?

You are correct on the chips I believe. It’s been so long.

Depends on the size of the magnet :magnet:
No, you will be fine, the xSeries implants have been subjected to many safety tests, including a MRI ( GIANT FUCK OFF MAGNET )

Here is the link to the tests

It would be a different story if you had an xG3 or Titan magnet implant.

The one you have been able to read with your phone is likely an xNT, the other one ( still guessing here ) is likely an xEM, so you wont be able to read that with a phone.

So this woulld explain why you can read it from the palm side, It doesn’t sound like an easy or practical read, personally I would be looking at getting it removed to put back in “where it should be” and take some prenatals to help lock it in place so it doesn’t happen again.

Hopefully you can locate the xEM ( if it is one ) with a magnet or xAC.

Is it possible to get an xRay?
Ideally get an xRay and removed whilst at the doctors office